Warning for Apple users – Mac Defender Scam

Apple users should be aware that there is a new attack affecting Macs. If you see a web page or software which offers you “Mac Defender” “Mac Security” or “Mac Protector” it is a scam, and you should not enter any card details. Your computer has been infected by malware which has redirected your web browser in an effort to steal credit card details.

Apple will issue a software update which will remove the malware. Alternatively, you could use the removal tool from Icronic.

Mac Defender Removal Tool from Icrontic

More information from Apple


A Look at Internet Security

The internet is ‘the world at your fingertips’ and the source of a wealth of knowledge encompassing every subject imaginable.  It is an electronic hub for social networks, shopping, gaming, culture and knowledge.  However just like the world, the internet carries with it risks, dangers and places you may not want to go…

The purpose of this guide is to suggest some ways of just being a bit more safe and secure, whilst at the same time trying to explain some of the terms that you see bounced around when talking about internet security. [Read more…]