Amazon Kindle: getting the content you want

I have recently come in to possession of an Amazon Kindle eBook reader. Amazon have gone out of their way to make it as simple and easy as possible for the purpose of reading books. This device fulfills its purpose perfectly, allowing me to download books from the Amazon store and read them on an electronic ink display that is far closer to real print than it is to a computer screen. I get all the advantages of reading on an electronic device, but I find myself reading blissfully uninterrupted by tweets, emails and messages, and without the tired eyes that I would get from reading on a computer. There are even several thousand free out-of-copyright books available on the Amazon store – just go to the Kindle ebooks section and sort by price to see them. If that isn’t enough, many more out-of-copyright books from Project Gutenberg are available in ebook versions for the Kindle. You can even download them directly from the Kindle by getting hold of The Magic Catalogue available here.

But books are not all that I read. [Read more…]