Computer Cleanup

Is your PC or laptop running slowly? Giving you error messages? Or maybe just a few years old and in need of attention?

As you use your computer it will fill up with junk and slow down. For every application that you install more junk will be left on your computer. Eventually your computer will be full of temporary files, log files, the registry will grow to a huge size, many items will attempt to start when you turn your computer on, and the whole lot will add up to a slow, bloated and broken computer.

Let us clean up your PC or laptop to keep it running in top condition.

A PC Cleanup costs just £45.

When we clean up your computer we will

  • Test the hard disk for signs of failure
  • Test the RAM (Memory)
  • Scan for and remove viruses
  • Clear the dust out of the fans!
  • Remove unnecessary files and software
  • Check for anything that would slow down or cause problems for your PC

At the end of the test we will provide you with a signed checklist to certify that your computer is ready to go.

PC Cleanups do not cover replacement of hardware, nor re-installation of the operating system should this be required.

See what we will do in our PC Cleanup – check list