Excel 2003 – The Basics

Please read Microsoft Excel – The Basics before reading this article.

Starting A New Spreadsheet

Starting a new spreadsheet in Excel 2003 is very easy.  All you need to do is open the software and it will load itself into a blank spreadsheet ready for you to edit.

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Microsoft Excel – The Basics

Microsoft Excel is a piece of software that allows you to create, and manage spreadsheets.  You can use a spreadsheet for anything that would be table based and Excel includes the option to run simple and complicated calculations on your data through the use of formulas.  The Aim of this guide is to show you have to create, save, re-open and close an Excel spreadsheet using Excel 2003 or Excel 2007.

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How to Highlight Duplicate Entries in an Excel Spreadsheet using Conditional Formatting

If you have a large spreadsheet with multiple data records it can help to be able to identify duplicate entries.  This tutorial aims to show you how to use Conditional formatting within Microsoft Excel 2003 or 2007 to show how duplicate records within a coloumn can be highlighted.

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A Look at Internet Security

The internet is ‘the world at your fingertips’ and the source of a wealth of knowledge encompassing every subject imaginable.  It is an electronic hub for social networks, shopping, gaming, culture and knowledge.  However just like the world, the internet carries with it risks, dangers and places you may not want to go…

The purpose of this guide is to suggest some ways of just being a bit more safe and secure, whilst at the same time trying to explain some of the terms that you see bounced around when talking about internet security. [Read more…]

Do you trust your hard disk?

What is a hard disk?

Not a hard drive

Not a hard drive!

Before I can answer the question in the title, I must take a temporary diversion to explain exactly which bit of the computer I am talking about. Many people think that the name ‘hard disk’ or ‘hard drive’ refers to the computer itself, which looks like the image to the right.

Actually that box contains a number of parts, a motherboard, processor, memory, graphics card, and yes, the hard disk. The hard disk is the bit that stores all of your data, documents, photos, etc. It also stores a copy of Microsoft Windows, which tells the computer what to do and how to do it. (Some people don’t have Windows, but that’s a different article.) The hard disk is not the same as memory. Memory, or RAM, is a set of microchips used to keep track of your data while it is actually being worked on, but once finished with, all that data is stored on the hard disk. [Read more…]

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